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China Construction Machinery Manufacturing 2025 Call Forward

2010. China after a lapse of 150 years to regain the "world's first manufacturing power" name, however, the "big but not strong" has been the direct cause of Chinese manufacturing that can not carry the proud head high.

Two sessions in 2015, in the government work report Premier Li Keqiang in the "Made in China 2025" concept into the public view. It's not just the concept of time from 2015 to 2025, it is our country to "manufacturing power" the first step towards a three-step strategy for the Programme of Action, as well as a road map and timetable.

Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei said: "We are a big manufacturing country, but not a manufacturing power, there is no large number of international competitiveness of key enterprises, industrial development as well as a number of major technologies and equipment need to overcome addition. We should also have a number of important products in the international market place. These aspects that we need to transition from manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, to strive, to struggle. "

As an important integral part of industrial development, the construction machinery industry in the "Made in China 2025" will play what role? What are the challenges currently facing it?

Miao Wei said that in the Chinese Academy of Engineering, more than 150 experts spent a year and a half on the basis of the strategic argument, the Ministry has spent more than a year to develop a "Made in China 2025" Plan. The main content is roughly outline the following aspects: First, the emphasis on innovation-driven, the second is the quality of the first, third, green development, structural optimization Fourth, Fifth, people-oriented.

China Construction Machinery Business editor observed, China's construction machinery industry into deep adjustment in a few years time, it is also from the above aspects force to break the old state, to adapt to the new normal, and now has achieved more significant results. It seems that the "Made in China 2025" strategy, China's construction machinery industry has sufficient strength for the Chinese manufacturers to enter the ranks of the powerful building blocks.


1, technology, institutional, cultural comprehensive innovation

China's construction machinery industry from scratch, from small to large, and always adhere to the road for their own development. Today, the global construction machinery companies occupy the top ten has been China three seats, enough to prove the correctness of this road. However, the success of China's construction machinery industry is important to our enlightenment, we should insist on independent innovation.

Construction machinery industry is a technology-intensive industry, we can say that each construction equipment is a super-sophisticated equipment, so grasp the advanced manufacturing technology will become the starting point of the construction machinery industry original innovation. Many Chinese construction machinery enterprises in technology innovation do fruitful work. Through technological innovation, China's construction machinery enterprises to solve a technical problem and a world-class; created one world record; the development of a further sets of advanced equipment. The results of scientific and technological innovation, has become China's construction machinery industry boosters rapid development.

In fact, strengthening the innovation process, not only to insist on technological innovation, is also inseparable from the institutional and cultural innovation. If we say that technological innovation is the Chinese construction machinery industry leader and a source of innovation, the innovation system and mechanism innovation is the foundation and support points. System for enterprise development to inject fresh vitality, enhance competitiveness, business potential can be developed to the maximum extent. In addition, from a certain level, the innovation itself is a culture, especially when innovation has become an industry booster, the development of this industry would have continued inexhaustible power. Chinese construction machinery enterprises development so far, the industry has been permeated with the rich culture of innovation, innovation has emerged as a force in the cultural and business development organization.


2, to meet the challenges of quality-oriented

Subject to the traditional extensive mode of development, the Chinese product quality development of machinery industry there are currently a number of outstanding issues. First, the overall development is unbalanced, poor product quality, low grade; Second, some products are not high-tech, low brand value, market competition is weak; Third, the quality of some companies is not strong sense of responsibility, management is not standardized, quality reputation not high; Fourth, quality security system is imperfect, occurs when there is substantial product quality and safety incidents; Fifth, inadequate investment in the infrastructure construction, supervision mechanism is not perfect, the quality of public service and weak management capacity.

Although the Chinese engineering machinery products with serious quality problems, but we do not sell ourselves short. What is the biggest advantage of Chinese engineering machinery products is? Cost-effective.

Cost-effective, have brought considerable benefits for Chinese construction machinery enterprises, increase market share, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, enhance brand awareness and so on. At present, as the industry matured, more and more producers realize improve the cost, while still more important is the product quality. Only quality real qualitative leap forward, China's construction machinery industry have the opportunity to achieve big and strong.

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