“I Procrastinate On Everything. I Know That I’m Doing It. But I Can’t Quit.”


Does this sound familiar?

Procrastination is one tough cookie. It’s hard to beat, but possible. I did it and want to share my tips with you.

And this may very well be the most important thing you read in your life…


You have a habit right of procrastinating right? And you can’t quit… right? Then picture this…

Another year passes, you beat yourself up again for another unproductive year, not living the life ever wanted. Then two years pass…

You think you should really solve your issue now. But it gets put off on the back-burner (again) and you feel progressively worse about where your life is going.

Then fast forward ten years. Your still in the same place, same boring job, you settled down and your procrastination doesn’t really bug you anymore.

Not because it’s gone, but because you gave up.

You continue in that pattern for another 10, 20, 30 years and by the end of it you find yourself on your death bed. Taken over.

This wasn’t the life you wanted to live, you deserved better.

Filled with regret you pass away. Not remembered but many, you never took risks, you never really played the game of life.

You say that will never happen, but deep down you know if you don’t solve your issue now, it’s a strong possibility. You see older people die with regret all the time.

You fight it the thoughts, but it’s always in the back of your mind.

You just want to break free and not be burdened by the destructive habit anymore.

And you can…

With this short guide, your life will be changed.

If you have any of the following qualities, turning to the next page might just save your life:

- You start your tasks with gusto, but quickly revert back to old ways.

- It doesn’t seem like your procrastination improves… just your creativity to allow yourself to keep procrastinating.

- You say it won’t happen THIS time but it always does.

- You get excited about an idea but put it off and lose motivation later.

- Procrastination almost seems like an addiction too you… you can’t stop.

- You are ambitious but never get anything done (covered on the next page…)


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