Your Ambition May Be Killing You!


Ambition is something we should strive for… right?

I mean all the greats have it… so it must be good… right… WRONG!

Okay… maybe not totally wrong… it’s the kind of ambition you use that is killing you.

Procrastinators tend to daydream way too much. They have all of these dreams, goals, and fantasies yet fail at getting a single one done.

What they don’t realize is that this constant daydreaming is just masking up the unpleasantness of now their life now.

I will tell you how a typical procrastinator uses ambition: They spend hours upon hours daydreaming doing it, how great it’s going to be, and so on.

It cuts into every area of their life.

Here is how a successful person uses ambition. They have the dream, then they do it.

They don’t spend too long thinking about it because they know they will get smacked in the head by reality only to realize they wasted hours thinking about it when they could have used that time to actually do it.

What do they do that allows them to stop the daydreams and really live?

The don’t “cash the coins” too early and they stay focused on their tasks.

They are real. Take Martin Luther King Jr. For example… do you think he cashed in on his success early?

Do You Really think he was day-dreaming about what it’ll be like for hours a day about what it will be like when he succeeds?

Surely he had a vision. But he didn’t go off into lala land about it. He stayed in reality to make the changes to bring his vision out.

He was fully present in his reality, checked back into his vision once in a while, and made tweaks until it came true.

You can do this too… However… There is a catch…
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