How In The WORLD Does A Chronic Procrastinator Find The Motivation To Apply An Anti-Procrastination Technique??!


There is a catch-22 with procrastination techniques and advice.

There is TONS of good advice out there…

BUT none of it gives you the motivation right from the get-go to ensure success with all of the techniques and exercises.

They just leave you there thinking something is wrong with YOU.

My friend, there is nothing wrong with you. Only their approach.

Below is a diagram of a typical persons solution to procrastination…

It starts with a person who is giving advice who hasn’t really experienced chronic procrastination (or doesn’t remember what it feels like.)

Gives some magic bullet solution.

Doesn’t work.

Leaves you feeling like there is something wrong with yourself.

This goes full circle until you are tired of the bullcrap and give up.

Here is my approach…

Get base motivation. So you can actually apply the procrastination techniques.

Change perceptions. So you can change the way you look at things, use your mind as a tool, and go WITH the grain. Makes everything almost effortless… (procrastination is just mind-set.)

Get habits (the easy way.) So you have default behaviors that are good even when you don’t “feel like it.”

Learn the psychology behind procrastination and productivity. So it never happens again.

Learn productivity techniques. Now that you know the psychology behind productivity, using techniques won’t be a “surface” thing and really work.

**We can’t forget the most important part… knowing what to do when you come into a problem. Most “guru’s” don’t teach this…

Can You say…total procrastination beat-down?

So here is what I want to do for you…

I want to offer you a special seat in my “Total Procrastination Beat Down Boot-camp” or for free.

I’m sick of misinformation and bad people trying to screw people over.

Sign up below and you’ll be added to a special list of people who get exclusive access.

(I don’t really feel comfortable giving away this information on a public page.)

P.S. I know a lot of marketers say that, but for me it is actually true. These techniques are my bread and butter. I don’t want them shared with just anyone.