Wouldn’t it be nice to somehow be able not only to stomach the taste of veggies—but love them to death!?

Wouldn’t it be nice to obtain a level of health, energy, and vibrancy you’ve never imagined before? Or maybe even just lose some weight and know you are giving your body the nutrients it craves so badly.

Good news—you can and it’s easier than ever. This isn’t just a taste conditioning technique but a full on whole body and brain programming system (don’t worry, it’s free and all on this page—I say system, because that’s really what it is. A veggie loving boot-camp.)

#1 thing you need to know: Taste Conditioning.

As you might know your taste-buds are not set in stone. It took years of conditioning to get them to where they are today. Every-time you are something sweet, your taste buds adapted, something savory? Your taste buds adapted.

Knowing this we can condition our taste buds to like pretty much anything!

It doesn’t take years or months, just about 30 days. By day 15 you should be able to eat veggies decently, by day 30 you should like them somewhat. In a few months, you’ll be to a point where you LOVE them. Even crave them.

This method on how to love vegetables doesn’t require very much will power either. You introduce the veggies slowly.

The first day all you might do is bite a veggie without even chewing and spit it out if the issue is really bad.

Day two you can add one chew and spit it out.

Day three you can eat, chew, and swallow one bite.

and so on…

For better results do it 2 times a day.

#2 thing you need to know: Mental Conditioning.

You can do taste conditioning all you want, if your brain doesn’t want to follow along, it won’t.

This is where most people fail. They don’t condition their minds to enjoy veggies.

Your brain is a great tool and at some level thinks eating veggies will cause you pain. Every time you think of a vegetable a mental image of what they are like and what they mean to you comes up. It also might come up as a feeling and/or sound.

Look for this response.

We’re going to kill it.

Think of something you love (some thing positive, like a passion.)  Now notice all the mental images, feelings, and sounds that come up with that. Make them brighter. Make the sounds louder, feel the feelings deeper.

As you can see just by tweaking these associations we can increase the intensity of the feeling. You can also decrease the intensity of a feeling. Think of veggies again and notice the imagery, feelings, and sounds. Make the image duller, weaker, and push it far away. Make the sounds fade away. Explode the feelings away.

Do this 2 times a day for 21 days. To completely kill any negative associations to eating vegetables.

(Side note: You could also try hypnosis or subliminals for this. I’ve used them successfully in the past, albeit not for this. I’m sure they will work just as good though.)

#3 thing you need to know: Purpose.

 What good does this info do if you don’t even have a strong reason to follow through? Finding a strong reason to follow through will ensure success and practically make it impossible for you not to succeed.

Take a moment to think and really feel what loving veggies will bring you.

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to stop feeling fatigued? Do you want more energy, to build muscle? What? But more importantly: how will that make you feel? What would it feel like to lose weight? Gain unbelievable amounts of energy? Etc..

That last part is very important.

And that, my friends, is how to love vegetables ;)

Thanks for reading!

Brandon Breaker

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