Great! Let’s get started. It’ll be fun :)

I have spent YEARS trying to improve my learning abilities and over the years these are probably the most profound and important techniques I have learned. Nothing even comes close.

I’m so grateful to be able to share them with you and help you out a little on your journey to learn faster and have you not go through all the crap I did.

Thanks for reading, here is the list.

#1 Deep Learning

Also known as “slow learning.” It is very counter intuitive if you have never heard of it before but I’d swear my life on it.

Take time to slow down whatever you are learning to about 50% (I should note this is for SKILL based learning.)

It works because the old saying “practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect” is true. When you work for speed you could be making subtle mistakes that are being ingrained in your nervous system as permanent, or in other words “a pain in the ass to get rid of.”

When you are slowed down, as hard as it may be, you’re actually learning quicker and better. You’re neurons are getting a stronger change to connect the perfect movements AND you’re getting perfect movements, it goes two fold.

How awesome is that?

#2 Association

We can only learn through repetition and association. Repetition is slow… very, very slow. Association on the other hand is fast. Not just a little faster, a LOT faster. I’d be a good idea to check this technique off as a MUST on your ways to learn faster list ;)

Association all comes down to one principle, associating something unfamiliar to something a little more familiar. It takes time and practice but it’s defiantly worth it.

Think of something you have to learn. Is it a fact, word, book, storyline, what?

Now ask yourself, “what does this remind me of?”

Is something coming up? If so, good! If not, let’s dig deeper. If it’s a word, look at the spelling. Does that spelling remind you of an already familiar word? If it’s a fact, ask yourself if you can just build the association. For example, coconut water can be used as blood plasma can be easily translated to a coconut raspberry drink and recalled later.

Have fun and explore but please don’t underestimate the power of this technique.

#3 Playing on the Edge

To grow you MUST play at the edge of your abilities and make mistakes.

It’s a catch 22 because rule 1 says play well within your abilities and play perfectly.

You need BOTH to grow and learn efficiently. How can you grow without playing on the edge? Likewise, how can you grow if you can’t play something perfectly?

Try and do 80% of deep practice and 20% of playing on the edge. This will allow you to grow at an effective pace without building a neuronal connection formed to make mistakes.

Hope you learned a ton!


Brandon Breaker

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