Everything you knew about memory is WRONG.

Endless reputation doesn’t help and is the one worst things you can do for recall.

Our brains don’t learn by reputation, reputation only makes already existing connections stronger. We learn by association and emotion.

Any event that has a high emotional association to it will be remembered. And any fact that reminds us of something familiar will be remembered as well.

You had that experience before, right? You go through a list of facts then it reminds you of something silly or familiar and you never forget it again? We’ve all had experiences like that and little did you know, you were using the most effective ways to learn something.

Taking Advantage

I know you’re told not to take advantage of things that come too easy but in this case this will make studying sooo easy and soooo fast and sooo effective, you’ll have to cave.

We want to take advantage of our association and emotional skills to learn anything fast.

All we need is that 1% push to take us and our learning speed over the edge.

Hack 1: Emotional state and purpose

What is it like to be forced to learn something you hate? Slow and grueling.

Now think of what is it like to choose to learn something for fun because you love it? It not only goes by faster it is far far far more effective!

You can do this for anything, even subjects we normally hate we just have to find…. PURPOSE! With purpose we can get the leverage we need to learn anything fast and recall it later, seriously, if you want to learn how to improve memory recall this is a must!

Let’s get started!

Find any subjects you LIKE and find why you like them and what you think they’ll give you. This will give you an idea of what purpose is to you.

Now find a subject you HATE and find out why you hate it and what it is costing you. This will give you an idea of what you hate. Now challenge it and find new reasons and “whys” modeling your first answers at why this subject can be exciting after all.

That’s it! You’re done! It’s a simple concept but will take a small while to set up and master, good news is that once you have done it, you’ve done it! You’ll love that subject forever for now on (or at least have enough purpose for greater things to deal with it effectively and want to learn it while you’re there.)

Hack #2: Association

Have you ever heard of the memory championships? These guys memorize thousands of numbers and items during a contest only to recite it in perfect order. Savants you say? Hardly! It’s a very learnable skill.

Now I won’t go into the details of how to do that here but I will start you off with the main technique they are using association and connection.

They have an image associated for each number and they connect them in a way that lets them do remarkable things.

Let’s hack it.

Once you learn this you’ll never ask how to improve memory recall again because all of the skills that allow memory recall in the first place is in association.

Have you ever had to retrace your steps to find something you lost? Association in events.

Have you ever been reading something and all of a sudden you remembered something you need to do? You’re brain associated those things somehow.

What about trying to remember something and you left it for something else and completely forgot what you remembered? You lost the association. All you have to do is go back to what you were doing before and the association and the remembered item will come back magically! Try it; you’ll be stunned and shocked.

The major thing and only thing with association is linking things up with familiar information.

Have to remember where you put the keys? Picture it and connect it to your door handle in your imagination and you’ll never forget. Once you see your door handle, your keys will pop up.

Have to remember that coconut water can be used as blood plasma? Picture some raspberry coconut concoction.

I hope this intro has helped you out and you can apply this information in amazing ways.


Brandon Breaker