Need a brain tune up or just want to reach the next level in your already developed memory?

Well you come to the right place, these universal ways and techniques will help almost anyone get that extra boost in their memories and save them from potentially forgetting something important.

Let’s get started!

How to increase memory retention rule #1: Feed your brain good stuff. 

Simple and common sense stuff, right? THEN WHY AREN’T YOU DOING IT?!?! :)

You brain needs tons of nutrients and calories to preform at top speed. Amino-acids, deep dark leafy greens, omega 3′s, no sugar, no gluten, no dairy, a nice multi-vitamain, and enzymes are all things that you should be taking/eating. Do it!

Rule #2: Exercise, exercise, exercise.

Exercise increases blood flow and boosts brain function.

Try 30 minutes of LIGHT exercise a day breathing through your nose. Not only is this more motivating, it’s healthier. Our bodies were not meant to be gasping for air.

Do a thirty day trial of it and you’ll throw the “no-pain, no-gain” attitude out of the window for good, especially when you learn exercise actually makes you feel GOOD. :)

Rule 3: Use your attention

How often do we pay attention? Not just pay attention, REALLY pay attention. 100% of your focus is on that object. You are so immersed you barely notice time float by and you feel really good and focused. If you’re anything like how I was, I bet not often.

Do this for a sec: Use your attention fully. Become immersed in what you have to learn and you’ll see your memory retention boost dramatically.

Rule 4: Learn how to learn

People always ask how to increase memory retention, they never ask how to learn. Typically because we never knew there were any other ways! There is speed reading, memory techniques (below,) and just using your brain to your own advantage.

The rest of these are not “musts” but they are needed if you want to go beyond the 1% potential unlocked by the base-line skills described in the first three rules, which is why I will call them “tips” from now on.

Tip 5: Learn like your life depends on it

So now we know how to use our attention, but are we really utilizing out attention in the most effective way? Does our brain FEEL like it is going to gain something by learning this? We have to lock in our Reticular-Activating-System. Don’t worry about the big name, it’s fancy for our “brain thinking it’s important so it learns it fast system.”

It’s simple to do this. All we must do is feel it is important and going to help us in life.

FEEL, it’s very important. It’s the only way this will be locked in, and that’s all you have to do. This tricks your brain into thinking it’s going to get something massive from it so it soaks it up fast. Neat, huh?

Tip 6: Associate

We learn by association. We NEED association to access ANY memory we have. Memory does not work without it… let’s use it to our advantage.

Take any material you have to learn and associate it to something familiar. For example (and this is ridiculous,) if you have to learn that polar bears laugh when you touch their stomach, you might want to imagine the Pillsbury dough boy and connect the two.

*No polar bears don’t actually laugh when you touch their stomach*

Very Recommended Tip on How to Increase Memory Retention #7: Super-learning

This is wayyyy too much to cover here, but you should look into the following subjects:

Memory Techniques (will allow you to do awesome things, like memorize books.)

Speed Reading (read up to 3-6 times your current reading speed.)

Super Focus (which is effortless focusing for hours on end, a natural side effect of learning super-learning techniques.)