If you don’t get the brain power you NEED today you may DIE.


Okay, I’m kidding, I like to be over dramatic at times. In all seriousness, increasing your brain power is an important part of functioning in today’s society and if you don’t do it it could lead to mental fatigue, drain, and pure inability to cope with the pressures and demands of today’s ”mental” world.

We are now mental workers, not manual workers. We need that brain power baby!

So what can you do RIGHT NOW to increase brain your brain power? Well I’ll tell you… 

#1 Free Up Mental RAM

Have you ever had a good idea that wasn’t just good, it was really good? What about trying to remember something and repeating it and repeating it hoping it will stick.

Well STOP!

This is doing WAY more harm than good. 

How effective is repeating an idea in remembering it? Hardly! How many times have you forgot that idea and forgot what to do with this technique alone? I bet a lot of times!

That’s because out brain is built to forget. Think about it, how often did caveman need to repeat an idea in their heads? And what happened to them when they something else caught their attention? They had to focus all their energy and here and now or it could mean potential harm.

Besides… with today’s smart phones and accessibility to paper it makes it easy to write to-do’s and ideas down.

Do yourself, your brain, and your (newly vanished) mental fog a favor and quit this destructive habit. Get a pocket-sized pen and paper booklet.

#2 Eat and Appropriate Diet 

To increase brain power you absolutely NEED a good diet. I know, I know, it sucks but it doesn’t have to.

I’m not saying to get rid of your favorite foods, I’m just saying add more foods that are good for you.

Eat a serving of veggies with every meal, drink green smoothies, do the works and have fun with it!

Here is a tip: If you don’t like veggies, eat them FIRST. Think about it, most people put them off last because they dislike them and they are torture… yet, it’s the last taste in their mouth! Eat the yummy stuff last and you’ll be satisfied without the hatred for your next meal.

Another tip: Alternate bites of veggie and your meal. It disguises the taste and makes your meal more tolerable until you can tolerate and even love them veggies! 5-7 servings, get to it!

#3 Use Relaxed Alert Attention

If you’re not used to it, it might make you sleepy at first! Trust me, after a few days that tiredness turns to pure energy.

We tend to go through life tense and inattentive to the real world. We might be aware of the real world but we seem to get caught into our minds quite often. So let’s un-tense ourselves!

Sit back and relax all your muscles, your hands, your arms, legs, torso, neck, face, and head. Especially your facial area and eyes. 

You should feel lighter and your perception should become sharper and clearer. If not, close your eyes for a few minutes and really focus on relaxation. One technique is to send a “wave” of relaxation through your body a few times from head to toe and back again. It’s really effective.

Then open your eyes and notice if your perception has become clearer or not. When it does, it’s a for-sure sign you are in this state.

Not only does this state increase brain power, it increases your health, well-being  creativity, and happiness. Try and work in this state and if at first you can not: try, try again! It’ll get easier with time.

So why does it make you tired at first?

You body is regaining it’s energy back. Think of when you have a long day and you first hit the bed, how tired you are. It’s like that but for your brain. 


Brandon Breaker