If you want to enhance your memory and IQ there is nothing more important that you can do that is as easy and instant that simply learning to place your focus on something.

You see, focus is the best and most dramatic way to increase brain power at all levels.

If you want to boost your IQ, focus. If you want to boost your memory, focus! And hell, if you want better ability to single information you need out in a single scan of info, then focus!

Focus is everything!

But have you ever been taught HOW to focus? Sure you’re not dumb and you know how to pay attention to something but what if I told you there is a way—a technique—that if your learned today will instantly and dramatically boost your focus effortlessly and permanently? I’m sure you might be interested!

There is one catch though… you have to work it! You have to consciously choose to apply it and use it, then and only then will it work and it’s that simple.

What is this strange secret?

It relaxed focus.

We as people tend to use plenty of focus and exertion trying to focus and that’s the problem! Trying to focus is actually bad for your focus! It creates so much tension and once you get past the first few moments of dreamy focus you lose all of it because you become mentally exhausted and can’t keep it up at that level.

The solution is to focus without all the mental exhaustion. That is the best IQ memory enhancer I can think of.

Here are the steps to achieve this:

Step one: Go into a meditative state and close your eyes (don’t worry you won’t always have to do this once you know what it feels like.)

Step two: Open your eyes. At this point it should have been a few minutes and you should feel relaxed, your vision might seem a little clearer and crisp.

Step three: Once you do that, work on something and hold this relaxed state as long as possible.

Step four: Do the above until you can pull up the state on cue and keep it there for as long as you want.

At first this will feel like relaxation, then it should turn into a really good feeling of peace and studying or whatever you are using this for will actually become more enjoyable because of it. How’s that for an IQ memory enhancer? ;)

What will this do for you?

I can tell you what it’s done for me.

I no longer have to study to memorize things, if barely at all. I memorize it all on the first go. Even without memory techniques. I only use those for high-volume stuff.

I can focus and work on something for hours with no problem at all plus my IQ has raised a few points I’d bet.

Well enough about me, create your own experiences! Have fun!

Brandon Breaker