Have you ever wondered if there will ever be a natural and permanent memory enhancer out there?

One that doesn’t involve drugs, or any type of payment of extra materials, one that is truly from the mind itself?

Well there are plenty. Many are well known, however, I want to give you a few ideas and hope to teach you something you don’t already know.

Memory Champion Memorizes a Deck of Cards in Under 30 Seconds…

You read that right, 30 seconds. Here is proof.

Shocking, special, plain unbelievable? Not really. In fact this guy is your average Joe just like you and me and without special memory techniques he would not have a better chance of memorizing that deck than if you, I, or a bum on the street took a crack at it.

It’s the natural memory enhancers like this that you should be paying attention too.

By learning how to utilize these techniques to your favor you can accomplish anything and everything you ever desired and more!

How do you do it?

It’s based on a simple and straight fact that our brain relies on connections and associations to gather memories and information. In other words we need a trigger, something to relate a piece of info to.

Have you ever been trying to recall a piece of information and had no trigger. It was on the tip of your tongue and you just couldn’t get it out, then all of a sudden you find a trigger and are reminded of it suddenly and feel silly for forgetting it in the first place? This is what memory techniques do, but they put you in full control.

So for memory techniques to work we need something familiar and something we want to remember.

The something familiar is the connection we already have, and by adding something to it we can then pull up something from it.

Let’s use this as an example…

Most people use images and they use items from their home because they are most effective and familiar.

So let’s say you have chosen your door as the trigger for a piece of information and you always forget your car keys.

We simply will imagine the door a big, real, and 3d in our imaginations as possible and take our keys again as big, real, and 3d as possible and pierce the door with them. This way they become inherently connected. Whenever we think of the door, we think of the keys, and the keys, the door.

This is a very short explanation because this post would have to be 10,000 words in length to fully explore the possibilities of these techniques. In very short, choose something from your house, and something you want to remember, make them into images, and connect.

We can also use these techniques to memorize entire books but I won’t go into that here because it would take a huge book to explain it all and someone’s already done that.

Focus Dramatically Boosts Memory

How can you remember something if you’re not paying attention?

You can’t!

A lot of memory issues come down to simply not focusing.

Try your best for the next 30 days to focus fully on whatever you are doing for 30 days. Be as present as possible and not in your head, this will do the trick.

Other natural memory enhancers may be related to health, diet, and genetics but don’t let that slow you down there is still plenty you can do!

Be sure to tell me how it goes!

Brandon Breaker