The internet is bombarded with courses promising a “photographic memory.” Yet not bombarded with people like Kim Peek. Why?

Photographic memory training (as of yet) DOES NOT EXIST.

I may get a bunch of people mad at me saying that they took such and such course or there is such and such course that teaches it but then why, why isn’t there more people like Kim Peek out there? Here’s why: people don’t know squat about photographic memory or what it really entails.

Photographic memory is literally seeing the world in “photos” you see your memories and pages in books as imprinted photos in your mind. Not just “some” stuff. ALL things. Names, faces, dates, times, weather. And you can’t forget.

Few people (usually just savants) have this skill.

As of yet, has any course offered that? Probably.

Has any course delivered that? Not that I know of and if you find one please contact me, I’d be very interested ;)

Is it possible? I am highly optimistic. I believe that what one person can do, others can too. Which is why I stay open to the idea of there being a future course that actually works, until then I want to stick with what works and stay weary of any photographic memory “training’s” I see online or anywhere else for that matter.

Keep in mind one thing though: A lot of people actually THINK that they ARE giving you photographic memory training but lose the actual definition in the process. A lot of photographic memory courses ARE good and helpful and boost your memory dramatically, at the end of the day though, they still don’t and won’t offer a “true” photographic memory… so buyer beware.

So what works?

Good old fashioned pegging. You must of heard about it, right? If not buckle in because this small technique can boost your learning retention and speed by over 600%!!

The idea is that our memory and everything to do with it is all based on associations and connections. Knowing this we can manually take advantage of our system in a visual way. Why visual? It’s more graspable and easier to “visualize,” not to mention quicker.

Read all about it here.

That free book has all you need to know about training your memory. It’s 163 pages of dense info. The best resource I have ever read in the memory improvement field.

Learning to Utilize You Attention

In the memory improvement field you hardly ever hear about this topic, yet it’s one of the most important topics IN memory improvement.

Putting 100% of your attention and focus on the task at hand in a relaxed alert way can boost your memory in ways you never thought possible.

I’m talking about MAJOR ways. How can you memorize something that you only give 75% of your attention to? Learn to be present with the info and you’ll see your life change forever.


No one likes to talk about nutrition so I’ll keep this short and sweet: If you don’t take care of your body, your body will decline, and your brain is part of your body. Nuff said ;)


Brandon Breaker