Procrastination is…

…spending hours online watching viral videos.

…suddenly realizing your desk needs to be cleaned right before you start your project.

…looking online for what the best solution procrastination is.

…spending 30 minutes looking for the right pen, after you make yourself a cup of hot coco.

…wasting time.

…feeling like you will never get anything done in life.


Procrastination is a lot of things. It keeps us from getting things in our life done and living the life we really  want. The sad truth is most of the people on earth will die with the same procrastination problem that haunts them in their 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s. It will keep growing, they will accept it as a part of life and they will end up with a regret at the end of their life thinking… “If only I would have known, it’d lead to this… I might have done something about it.”

Well not me… I don’t want to end up like that.

I overcame my procrastination and am now living life on my terms. During my quest to eliminate this destructive habit I found a lot of useful helpful ways of thinking, I’d like to share them now!

These tips are KICK ASS. I know it will help. You’ll love them! Before I applied these tips I never really got anything done and now I can do anything I want with the right motivation.

Which leads me to this: I (you) never had a procrastination problem, I (you) had a motivation problem.

All of the great leaders know this. They don’t fight with themselves. When they get stuff done it’s because they want to do it. Look at them and you’ll see an amazing fiery drive in their eyes.

They view a task as something they are pulled too, not something they have to do. I remember thinking of tasks in ways as, “OMG! I have to do all of this! Why me! I don’t even want to!” but they see it as “Wow! This is amazing! I can’t wait to get this done and see the results!”

The bottom line is that maybe procrastination is just an issue of you not really wanting it. You’re not ready or you can’t tap into that drive. Sometimes we find the drive and get going on a project, but it fades away. So what do we do then?

All we do is manually bring back the drive and purpose. We first ask “why do I want to get this done?” the answer might be to lose weight, to get ripped, and so on. Then we ask, “Why do I NEED to get this done?”

That last part is important, and we need to answer with emotion. You’re result will be as good as the emotion brought into it. If you give a stale answer, you’ll get a stale result.

If it’s a weight issue, it could be because you can have a heart attack and die. If it’s a relationship issue the answer might be your husband/wife might leave and you’re kids will hate you. These sound extreme but believe me it’s not. It happens to millions every year when facing a serious issue.

Once you are driven the following might apply: Sometimes procrastination is not really procrastination. We are way too hard on ourselves. Let me explain…

We feel if we are not working, we are procrastinating. This is simply not true. In fact, micro-breaks are an awesome tool for productivity. The more solid hours you work in a row, the less productive you become. It is recommended you take a 15 minute break at least every two hours.

Also making time for play is supposed to happen. Answer this: Who would work for countless hours, with no end in sight, if they could not have fun, or take breaks? No one. Embrace times you are not working. Take a nice break, you deserve it.


At the end of it all maybe procrastination is… just resistance.

Resistance with ourselves, resistance to working, resisting the natural urge to play (as described above,) and so on.

Knowing this a simple solution is present: Give into the resistance and start again when you are ready. That sounds unorthodox so think of it this way: if you never give into resistance, how will you create slack?

Think of each thing we do as tension in the rope. Each thing we do adds more tension. There inevitably comes a point where we need to give in and let the tension reset itself (you can only pull a rope so tight before you can’t pull it anymore.)

When constant tension is present and it will always be in your mind never letting you get things done. With it always in your mind (even though you take breaks and never get anything done) it is always with you. You can take the longest break in the world and never get a break. Until we let go of the thought of what we are doing we won’t ever be in a break. It will feel like we work all day and long and we never get anything done.

When we give in, we let slack into our lives and reset our motivation point. Instead of it being so tight we never get anything else in, we can now use our motivation.

When you actually give into your procrastination and do nothing but procrastinate (don’t think, turn on tv, go on the internet, or any other mind numbing activates… just sit and do NOTHING) you’d be surprised how fast you get started with whatever you need to do.

Procrastination is . . . an awesome topic, don’t you think?

Hope this helped,

Brandon Breaker

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