There are many courses and systems online to improve your memory and life. None of them I have seen have met the level of practical training or quality standards quite like The School of Phenomenal Memory.

Developed by Ruslan Spark— Pmemory (that’s the name the school uses for short) is the most powerful attention development, visualization,  and memory improvement product available! By the end of it, you will be able to join the sides of many students—including myself—that can memorize entire books.

Click here to be directed to The School of Phenomenal Memory’s free book page where you can download their free book “Secrets of Phenomenal Memory” and learn the secrets behind their techniques.

What is The School of Phenomenal Memory?

The School of Phenomenal Memory is a specially designed 60 lesson online course that offers real world practical training to improve your memory. The goal is to be able to memorize entire books. The school has a beautiful community of like-minded people on the forum, so you are never alone though your journey. They also have trained instructors to help you out every step of the way and help you finish and complete the school as quick and easy as possible.

The bottom line is this place is not just a school.. it’s a community. A community of people from all walks of life for one thing: Memory and attention development.

Does it work?

Of course.

But don’t be fooled. This course is not a magic pill or quick fix. The training is intense and not for everyone. A real phenomenal memory requires real training.  Can you learn how to dance by reading a book about dancing? No, of course not! You must put the training and effort in—then you become a great dancer.

Thankfully, the mind develops fast and you can be memorizing books as little from 60 days from now. From your very first lesson you will see a dramatic increase in your memorization capabilities.

My personal success is wonderful. Studying, learning, and understanding have become easy now. I have memorized books and the enhanced attention I now have I can focus for hours. I don’t say this to brag, I want to let you know: This course is a memorization course but what you really get is a course in whole brain improvement because of all the functions it takes to memorize information.

If you stop by the forum you can read more testimonials from real people just like you and me.

There are also demonstrations on the site of a real phenomenal memory in action—showing you exactly what is possible once you develop the skill.

To wrap it up

You get what you put into the system. It is not for everyone. This course is life-changing. Once you get a taste of phenomenal memory, you will never forget it.

If you even do half of the course, your life will be changed forever. I hope to see you on the other side.

Click Here to to learn more about The School of Phenomenal Memory for yourself. Be sure to stop by the forum and say hi!